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"Ambassadors for Scotland and for beautiful music"


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The Glasgow Youth Choir is a group of young people who love to sing and enjoy music.


It's members come from in and around Glasgow to rehearsals.


The choir takes members from as young as 5 years old to girls in their early twenties.


Members are split into two sections - Junior and Seniors, and each group rehearses weekly at the Glasgow Caledonian University.


Seniors - Thursdays 7 - 9pm


Juniors - Saturdays 10 - 12noon




Room M001


George Moore Building

Glasgow Caledonian University

Who are we?

The choir holds major concerts in May and December but have regular performances throughout the year.


Over the choir’s 50 year history, we have had the chance to appear on television & radio on many occassions, our most recent being on 'The Big Sing – Scotland on Songs of Praise' in January 2007.


The choir have also had the opportunity to tour abroad (see History page for details).


Some concerts are held with the junior or senior section only, but both sections always come together for our major concerts.


The Glasgow Youth Choir continues to nurture the talents of the young people of the west of Scotland as it did when Agnes Hoey founded the choir 50 years ago. It is hard to believe that all that the choir has achieved over the years is because of the passion this amazing lady has for teaching young people to sing.